Programs & Curriculum

Infant/ Toddler Program

At Imaginations at Work, we believe the first 3 years of a persons life is extremely important to a child's long term development.  It is for this reason we have teamed with Early Head Start and Warren County Community Services.  Two of our classrooms have been outfit as Early Head Start classes in order to incorporate some of the Head Start teachings.  Additionally, this program provides additional education and training for our teachers.

In our infant room, our teachers are constantly talking to our students to promote early literacy and strong social skills.  Our teachers nurture the students and spend lots of time on their level to watch their development. Tummy time and outdoor play are part of our daily activities. 

Being a Toddler is an exciting time in both the lives of parents and children.  This is the time of first steps, first sentences, and potty training.  It is our goal to work side by side with the parents in order to help your child achieve these milestones and many more.